Customer Testimonials

Here are just a few real testimonials from satisfied customers. These people are happy with the results that the Pirana has given them, and their lives are now a bit better for it.

"When I checked the references you gave me what struck me most was how excited each person was when they were describing the results they experienced"

-Skip Taylor, owner Tahama MHP, Stockton, CA

"Riverkeeper is aware of certain new technologies that are effective at repairing failing septic systems for a fraction of the cost of conventional septic repairs. Using this Pirana technology, contractors remediated my failing septic system."

-Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chief Prosecuting Attorney, Riverkeeper, New York

"The Piranas have provided a practical, economical solution to what appeared to be a large and expensive problem."

-Dan Christensen, owner Travel Shore MHP, Mendocino County, CA

"Seeing is believing!!!!...2.5 weeks ago the tank was 2" from overflowing out the cover and the field was completely flooded and breaking out. Today, amazingly, the liquid level in the tank is 12" below...Maybe we should rename the Pirana Mr. Clean."

-Hank Huber, owner, Huber System Designs, New Hampshire

"And then, by some miracle, I found the Pirana in the phone book and decided to give it a try. It was my lucky day!!"

-Heidi Doughty, Sonoma County, CA

"I do 50% of my business in the months of June, July and August. There is no gooey crust, I doubt that I'll ever pump the tanks again, the sediment is gone, and the water in the field is barely detectable. This total rejuvenation took place at our peak volume period."

-David Beier, Chef Proprietor, Walloon Lake Inn, Travers County, MI

"It is now two [three] years since the Pirana system was installed and I have not had any reoccurrence of a breakout. ... I believe the leach field today is as good as it was new."

-David Armstrong, Sonoma County, CA

"A single [Pirana] unit, set in the solid side of the septic tank [at the visitor center, Armstrong Woods State Park], has improved performance to where we now have a properly functioning leach field. We have not pumped the tank for a year and, at present, there is not a build up of solids that requires pumping and the leach field is taking all liquid delivered to it."

-Roy H. McNamee, District Maintenance Chief, California State Park and Recreation

"Hey guys. Unless you have been over here pumping schmutz into the bushes, it [the Pirana system] seems to be working. Last weekend, the liquid level had retreated all the way back into the tank (out of the riser) and down below the tank opening by about 12-18 inches. The prior weekend, it was right up at the top of the riser."

-Attorney at Law, Sonoma County, CA

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