If I learned one thing over the last forty years as a contractor, it is any solution to septic system failure must be simple, inexpensive and easy to install or the homeowner will resist it.

Until I began developing what has become the Pirana System, there was no solution to septic system failure that solved all three issues.

Understanding the Pirana System is easy.

The Pirana System grows a powerful species of natural bacteria, a form of microbe, in your septic tank. The Pirana unit sits on the bottom of your septic tank.

The Pirana Blend bacteria, living inside the Pirana digest the wastes from your toilet, along with the other household waste you send to your septic tank.

Inside the Pirana, the Pirana Blend bacteria grow and multiply extremely fast.

Every day, huge numbers of Pirana Blend bacteria travel to the disposal field in the liquid from the septic tank.

In the disposal field, the Pirana Blend bacteria eat Biomat.

When the Pirana Blend bacteria have eaten enough Biomat to reduce its thickness, liquid from the septic tank can again be absorbed into the soil.

The septic system is now restored.

Over time, the Biomat is completely digested by the Pirana Blend bacteria.

Continued operation of a Pirana System in the septic tank will keep the Biomat from forming which keeps the septic system from having future Biomat problems.

The problem is caused by microbes and is solved by more powerful microbes.

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