When new ideas or devices are created, we don't always know how to use them well. It most often takes time and ingenuity by others than the inventors or originators to find the full potential of new ideas or inventions. Thus, the full benefit of these new ideas and inventions is provided for all of us.

Marconi invented the radio, but initially he called it the "Wireless" because he thought it would replace the telegraph (sending clicks for dots and dashes through a wire). David Sarnoff years later realized Marconi's invention wasn't only useful to send electronic "clicks" through the air but it was a broadcasting technology. We all know this adaption of Marconi's invention as the "Radio". That happens with any new technology or invention. It begins as a replacement or enhancement of an existing technology and then someone realizes the new invention allows you to do other new things as well.

As the inventor of the Pirana device and co-inventor of the Pirana Method, it is my hope that the Pirana technology will be like the "Wireless". We here at Pirana System encourage others with their particular technology(s) to work with the Pirana technology to find other and new ways to improve all our lives. Pirana System currently has a number of tests combining the Pirana technology with several other companies' technologies in other areas of interest. We will keep you all informed of our progress.

The Pirana is driving a change in the "Septic Industry".


The history behind the modern conventional septic system explains how the conventional septic system evolved by accident not design. The modern conventional septic system didn't require learned men or women with specialized knowledge, merely good luck and reasonable logic looking at a series of problems over centuries of time. The microbial underpinnings of septic systems were not understood. Bacteria were not known until "discovered" by Louis Pasteur. Only after the basic design was found to function consistently, did anyone with a modicum of expertise look into the "whys". Modern "experts" reverse engineered the conventional septic system to understand what was actually taking place. The following outline will explain how early communities and cities started a waste disposal process that eventually led to the modern conventional septic system. You'll discover it wasn't a complicated process. ...[More]

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